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Where is the Food Industry Headed with Natural and Organic Products?

While the growth in the availability of natural and organic foods has increased dramatically in recent years, current trends toward higher food prices may stifle this growth. Nonetheless, the natural and organic food segment is expected to increase to a 5-10% share of the total market in the near future (Nutrition Business Journal, 2006). Furthermore, researchers believe that consumers are willing to pay significant premiums for organic and natural foods (Sebranek and Bacus, 2007). The consumer concerns that lead them to purchase organic and natural foods are based on antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, genetic modifications in plants, and animals and chemical additives (Winter and Davis, 2006). While the perceived health benefits of natural and organic foods have been difficult to substantiate, no one can dispute the growth in demand (Campano, 2007).

If you are contemplating developing new products for this market segment, the expertise of John R. White can help with those efforts. The following information may be helpful with those pursuits:


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