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THE JOHN R. WHITE COMPANY, INC. has operated continuously since the 1930s. The current operational structure was established in 1947, when Mr. John R. White and Mr. L.Q. Patton incorporated the company as a dairy and bakery supply business. The company grew steadily, gaining a reputation as a reliable and cost competitive supplier of commodity dairy and bakery ingredients. In 1963, Mr. White passed away, and Mr. Patton took over as president of the company. New product lines were added, and the company began to focus on the red meat industry. In the four decades since, the John R. White Company has expanded into all areas of the food manufacturing industry. Today, our company represents over 50 ingredient manufacturers and 500 food ingredient items and features a technically knowledgeable sales force unmatched in the industry. As a result, we're able to provide an excellent range of choice for our customers, along with critical production and formulation recommendations.


The mission of the John R. White Company is exactly the same as it has been since our founders began the business: we aim to provide our manufacturing customers with premium functional food ingredients and the knowledge to make the most of them. From the time our company was focused on dairy and bakery supply, we have found great satisfaction in being the product behind the products. Our half-century expansion into the full range of food product manufacturing has given us greater responsibility for the safety and satisfaction of your customers, and it's something we take very seriously.

Why We're Different

John R. White is like no other food ingredient supplier, because our long history of operation has provided us with a deep understanding of the nature of food ingredients and their uses. Through decades of continual change within the food manufacturing industry, our company has been exposed to every new development and regulation that has come to pass, and no one understands more about how to help you create food products that are nutritionally sound, delicious to eat, and efficient to produce. We're in tune with the latest industry trends, such as the high demand on the part of consumers for more natural ingredients. This poses its own set of challenges with regard to product preservation and food safety, especially since distribution distances and times are ever increasing. John R. White is equipped with the expertise and experience to effectively deal with this need, and our customers benefit from it. The Company received certification from the British Retail Consortium ("BRC") under the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution and was issued BRC-SD-002 on May 15, 2012. The BRC is an internationally recognized certification body for safety and quality and is utilized by over 17,000 certificated suppliers in 100 countries. 

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