The John R. White Company, Inc. has operated continuously since the 1930’s.

In 1947, John R. White and L.Q. Patton incorporated their business and the company grew steadily, building a reputation as a reliable and cost-competitive food ingredients supplier that we still know today. What has changed, though, is our product base — we began as a dairy and bakery ingredients supplier, and over the past 70 years, we’ve expanded into a full range of food and beverage manufacturing distribution. Today, our company represents over 100 ingredient manufacturers and 800 food ingredient items — from private label spices to beverage ingredients, functional foods to organics and more. The technical knowledge of our sales force is unmatched in the food distribution industry. As a result, we’re able to provide an excellent range of choices for our customers, along with critical production and formulation recommendations. The experience gained throughout these years lets us offer more to our clients — it also comes with a great responsibility for safety and satisfaction, which we take very seriously.


Our current mission is exactly the same as it was when our founders began the business: We aim to provide our food manufacturing customers with premium, functional food ingredients, and the knowledge to make the most of them.

We find great satisfaction in being the product behind the products — and in being a partner with each of our clients. Because of our history in the food industry, we have a deep understanding of the nature of food ingredients and their uses. Through the decades, change has been a constant in the food manufacturing industry, and our company has navigated through every new development and regulation. We are confident that no one understands more about how to help you create food products that are nutritionally sound, efficiently produced and delicious.

The John R. White Company is proud of the vast body of expertise we’ve built throughout our history, but we understand that our credibility is dependent on the customer service and products that we currently provide. Every day, our goal is to be a little better than the day before and remain a valued partner to each and every one of our customers.

Our Four Pillars

World Class Service

We’re flexible, involved, and easy to contact.


We’re dependable and always looking out for your interests.

More Than Distribution

We make strong science and industry experience available to you.


We are only as strong as our partners and people.

We Are Where You Need Us

Today, our company represents over 100 ingredient manufacturers and 800 active customers with a concentration across the South. With a technically knowledgeable sales force unmatched in the industry, we’re able to provide on-time distribution to more than 38 states and product preservation and food safety standards that meet all of our client’s needs

Our Partners