Because it’s all about being trendy, right?

Amongst the many changing drifts of 2018, the food industry will continue to see certain trends continue and new trends develop as demographics and purchasing power shifts amongst food buyers. With Boomers becoming a secondary market to Millennials, not only will product mix and composition change but also the method of purchase.

Some trends to watch:

1. Culinary Culture

Connecting to kitchen arts and practices here, there, everywhere (CCD)

2. The Source

Where food is from, how it’s grown or produced (CCD)

3. Nutrition

Nutritive benefits for functional, dietary, medicinal and well-being needs (CCD)

4. Waste Not, Want Not

“…About 40 percent of food produced for our consumption never reaches a human stomach” (IFIC)

5. Boom Goes the Internet

Virtual Shopping is an increasing reality (IFIC)

6. Hanging Around the Block(chain)

Blockchain will help give consumers unprecedented information about where their food comes from (IFIC)

7. Nutrigenomics

The Impacts of Food at the Molecular Level: Nutrigenomics, broadly speaking, studies how our diets influence our genes (IFIC)

8. Flavor Savorers Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Taste has been the top driver of Americans’ food purchases (IFIC)

9. Less Is More

Clean Labels and Clean Packaging: While the clean label movement will reach new heights, the food system will continue to grapple with exactly what the term means (IFIC)

To read more on clean labels, check out this blog from JRW Regional Sales Manager Mark Frenzel, PhD:
What puts the “clean” in clean label?

Source: International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) and CCD Innovation

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