The JRW365 Wellness Plan

Whitney Houston once sang “learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all”.

JRW takes great pride in providing excellence of service by caring for each of our customers. With “world class service” being true to our foundation, it stands to reason that we must also see the importance of caring for our employees. This serves as the foundation for our 2018 wellness plan, JRW365.  To encourage complete participation by every employee, we have incorporated competition and teamwork into this year’s wellness plan. The desired outcome of JRW365 is better overall health for every employee. We will strive to achieve this goal via four primary avenues:

1. Activity

The goal of JRW365 is not to produce Olympic caliber athletes. Rather it is to encourage all JRW employees to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The primary way to do this is by simply encouraging people to walk.

  • Take a longer path to the restroom.
  • Get up from your desk a few times a day and walk for one or two minutes.
  • Park a few steps further away from the door.

There are many creative ways to increase your daily step count without it being too strenuous. In addition to step related activities, we also encourage employees to seek out other modes of exercise that can be measured in the amount of time spent training. As is the case with any health plan, it is always encouraged to consult with your physician before beginning any kind of exercise program.

2. Preventive Care

The old saying states, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Routine physical exams can identify potential risk factors before they become problems. Routine dental care can help a person avoid gum disease. Studies have linked gum disease to an increased risk of heart disease. Cancer screenings may sound scary and uncomfortable, but most forms of cancer can be effectively treated and eliminated when they are diagnosed early enough. We want to encourage all of our employees to be proactive when it comes to their health.

3. Education

We have established the JRW Wellness Track through Pryor Learning, an online business training center. There are several hours of videos that pertain to a variety of health-related issues. Employees are encouraged to watch these videos to gain a better understanding of health and wellness. Our hope is that these videos will teach employees some simple ways to improve their health at all levels.

4. Nutrition

Nutrition is a vital part of a person’s total health. Are you eating a balanced diet? Are you eating appropriate portion sizes? Are you drinking enough water? All of these factors play a vital role in maintaining the proper nutrition to achieve your desired fitness goals.

The JRW 2018 motto is

“The Best Get Better”.

Through JRW365, we hope that we make this motto true for our health as well.

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