Our Ingredients

At JRW, we find great satisfaction in being the product behind the products — and in working hard to build strategic relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. Because of our history in the food industry, we have a deep understanding of the nature of food ingredients and their uses. We have industry experts who are educated and experienced in ingredient formulation, shelf-life extension, yield enhancement, and so much more. Since we opened our doors in 1947, the food manufacturing industry has been constantly evolving, and we are proud to have helped our customers thrive through every new development and regulation. Our warehouse is always stocked with the highest quality wholesale food ingredients from our most trusted suppliers. From acidulants to emulsifiers, phosphates to antimicrobials, spices to sweeteners, we have the ingredients and the documentation you are looking for to bring your customer the best product out there. Looking for organic, natural, clean label, gluten-free, or non-GMO? We have the deep procurement and technical sales expertise to help.

With our staff of food scientists with deep industry knowledge, we are confident that no one understands more about how to help you create food products that are nutritionally sound, efficiently produced, and delicious.
Some of our primary markets include:

  • Bakery & Snack
  • Beverage & Premix
  • Clean Label
  • Dressings, Soups, & Sauces
  • Dry Blending & Milling
  • Meat & poultry
  • Pet Food
  • Spices

However, if you don’t think you fit into any of these, please feel free to reach out and talk with us. Here at JRW, we would love to help you find what you need. Click here to contact us.

Our Suppliers

The only relationship we value as much as that of our customer is that with our suppliers. In order to bring you, our customer, the highest quality ingredients available, our procurement team works hard to source the hard-to-find ingredients you need. With the aim of providing our customers with a vast variety of functional food ingredients, it takes developing and maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers. These relationships, over time, grow into strategic partnerships. We search out partners that are as dependable and trustworthy as they are transparent and diverse.

At JRW, we guarantee that we understand what a strategic partnership with our suppliers looks like. We desire to work with suppliers who work as hard as we do, being willing to teach and share their industry knowledge when needed. They are innovative and bring new products and ideas to the market. A good supplier is one who works closely with our sales team, equipping them with both the technical resources and support needed to best serve our customers with new product development and cost savings. We desire to work with suppliers who are experts in their space, who will provide valuable market insights as well as potential supply interruptions prior to any issues arising.

At JRW, we strive to foster genuine and valuable relationships with our suppliers in order to provide our customers with the market insights, technical resources, and the highest quality functional food ingredients possible.

Have any sourcing questions? Click here to contact us.

Our Partners

We are Where you Need us

Today, our company represents over 100 ingredient manufacturers and 800 active customers with a concentration across the South. With a technically knowledgeable sales force unmatched in the industry, we’re able to provide on-time distribution to more than 38 states and product preservation and food safety standards that meet all of our client’s needs