Articles by Donald Patton

JRW Birmingham, AL

Four Pillars grounded in a Firm Foundation. Merriam-Webster defines the word “pillar” as a firm, upright support for a superstructure. It is a foundation upon which great things can be built. Without it, nothing worthwhile can stand. Here at JRW, for over 70 years we have built our business and our culture on four pillars:…

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Donny Patton, CEO JRW Company, Birmingham, AL

Donny Patton CEO Donny Patton has been with the JRW Company for what seems like his entire life. After the original founder of JRW, John R .White, passed the company along to Donny’s father L.Q. Patton, Donny began tagging along to the office at an early age. He spent Saturdays at the office with his…

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