Reciprocal Meat Conference 2018 – The Family Reunion

Reciprocal Meat Conference 2018 – The Family Reunion

Paraphrased from Dr. Dana Hanson at North Carolina State University:
“Something you’ll never hear at the Reciprocal Meat Conference – I sure would like some more kale salad!”

Brandy Cleveland, Mark Frenzel, and Benjy Mikel at Reciprocal Meat Conference

The Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) is an annual conference that allows any and all members of the meat industry to discover the innovations of our industry and discuss solutions for day-to-day challenges. Whether you were just there last year, or it has been 10 years since you last went to an RMC, you always pick right where you left off! One would be hard-pressed to find a conference where direct competitors sit side by side in scientific collaboration and fellowship. Here is the technical program of speakers and session overviews. Reciprocation sessions will be posted soon if you want to check it out!

JRW Clean Label Workshop

This year, JRW sponsored the session “Clean Labeling Workshop”, where clean label processed meat products were compared to conventionally produced products. Clean ingredient solutions, labeling procedures, food safety, and emphasis on both conventional and clean label products for safe consumption were hot topics of discussion during this session.

Paul Hargarten with Hawkins, Inc. and Brian Metzger with Wenda America and Prosur both enlightened the audience on the progress of clean label ingredients and the application of these products. Through Q&A discussions, we were able to lay the groundwork for what challenges these type of products could face in production, all the while providing a tasty, wholesome product for families of different economic backgrounds.

Ingredients discussed included buffered vinegar, fruit and spice extracts, potassium carbonate, celery juice powder, sea salt, meat broths/stock, and yeast extract.

If clean label products are on your project list, we at JRW would love to help!

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